Pro Oboe Reed


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Our Pro reeds are expertly finished to produce a rich tone and fine response. They are stable and well balanced.

Please note: For the best reed performance, place the tip with the shorter blade on your bottom lip when playing.

The current wait time for our Pro Reeds is 3 weeks.

Note: Please allow the waiting times above for receipt of your reeds or cane. These waiting times are based on demand and how quickly we make our reeds/process our cane. Express shipping options can expedite the transportation time, but not when the reeds will be ready to ship.  Expedited shipping option is selected on your checkout page.

Express shipping options are available at additional cost.

All JamesGang reeds are sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol and dried for 3 days before being mailed. We pack the reeds in new, clean plastic boxes. We also recommend sanitizing your reeds with 70% isopropyl alcohol when you receive them. Full submersion for 30 seconds and then a rinse with water is recommended.

Note: Due to health concerns, reeds are NOT returnable.


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