“Do you disinfect your reeds?”

Yes. All JamesGang reeds are sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol and dried for 3 days before being mailed. We pack the reeds in new, clean plastic boxes.

Everyone at JamesGang is fully vaccinated against Covid 19. 

And, of course, as always, we never make reeds or send reeds out when we’re feeling ill.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us.

“How many reeds do I need?”

One is none, two is one and three is a guarantee. Always have a back up. You never know what might happen to that great reed right before you are about to play that big solo.

“Do your reeds have a good side and a bad side?”

Each one of our reeds have one side that performs better than the other. For the best reed performance, place the blade with the shorter tip on your bottom lip when playing.

“How long do I soak my oboe reeds from JamesGang?”

We recommend dipping your new reed in water, shaking it off and putting it back in your reed case for a couple minutes.  This is a sufficient amount of time to wet the reed and saves the reed from the damage of being rested on its tip in a glass of water.  Older reeds need more soaking time.

“How long do I soak my shaped or gouged cane from JamesGang?”

We recommend soaking gouged and shaped cane in warm water for approximately 20 minutes, making sure the entire piece of cane is under water.

“How long will my reed take to get to me?”

The current wait time for our Pro Reeds is approximately 2 weeks, plus shipping time.  Student, English Horn and Oboe d’amore reed wait times are 3 weeks, plus shipping time.

“Why am I having trouble placing my order?”

If you are experiencing difficulties completing your order please double check to see that you have entered the correct information in the correct fields on the checkout page.  This is the most common reason for an incomplete order on our website.  If you have not received an order confirmation email within an hour of your order being placed, your order probably did not go through our system.  Please try placing your order again through the website, correctly entering shipping, name, credit card information, etc in the correct fields and look for the confirmation email.  If you don’t receive the confirmation email, please give us a shout via email. 

“Which Payment Methods do you Accept?”

JamesGang accepts Mastercard and Visa.

“Is my data secure?”

JamesGang CaneWorks takes privacy and data protection issues seriously. We do not sell or give away your private information. Our on-line shopping cart uses the most advanced encrypted security features, so you can be assured of a safe on-line shopping experience.


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