English Horn Cane (Gouged, or Gouged + Shaped)


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All our cane is hand processed with high-end, well-maintained gouging machines.

  • Our english horn gouge produces .55-.57 mm sides and a .68-.70 mm center measurement.
  • The diameter is 12.0-12.5.
  • We stock cane shaped on the Gilbert-1 and Mimi tips.
  • Note: Processed Cane is NOT returnable.

About our Cane

JamesGang House Cane is firm, yet not too hard, with a smooth feel to the knife. Shares many complimentary characteristics of the old OboeWorks cane, but is more user-friendly and offers exceptional playability.  JamesGang House Cane is medium hard.

Rigotti Cane is the tried and true French cane: not too hard, not too soft. Many find it to be their favorite. Rigotti is medium hard to hard.

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