English Horn Cane (Gouged, or Gouged + Shaped)


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All our cane is processed with high-end, well-maintained gouging machines.

  • Our english horn gouge produces .55-.57 mm sides and a .68-.70 mm center measurement.
  • The diameter is 12.0-12.5.
  • We stock cane shaped on the Gilbert-1 and Mimi tips.
  • Note: Processed Cane is NOT returnable.

About our Cane

JamesGang House Cane is firm, yet not too hard, with a smooth feel to the knife. Shares many complimentary characteristics of the old OboeWorks cane, but is more user-friendly and offers exceptional playability.  JamesGang House Cane is medium hard.

K.Ge Cane is an excellent cane grown in the Anhui province of China. Anhui’s climate is very similar to that of the cane-producing Var region in France, producing a smooth cane to scrape on. This cane is very consistent from tube to tube.  K. Ge is medium soft to medium.

Rigotti Cane is the tried and true French cane: not too hard, not too soft. Many find it to be their favorite. Rigotti is medium hard to hard.

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